This is a self portraits/sculpture experimental serie.I was kind of lost in that times looking for who i am and who i want to be so i felt like modeling and sculpting my own face could show me that I am what i want, and what i do… This experiment help me to realize that i will be every day different that the day before.

Photosculpture_me_2_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_3_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_4_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_5_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_6_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_7_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_8_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_9_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_10_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_11_by_edsanca Photosculpture_me_by_edsanca

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CLIENT : Personal Project

DATE : 01/15/2009

TAGS : Diary, Photography, Portraits